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As a 501 (c) 3 organization. RIISA has:
Sponsored an exchange program with yacht clubs in other nations. In the past, young sailors have taught sailing overseas while local club members and their yacht clubs provide for sailing training. 
Sponsored and organized The Leeds Mitchell RIISA Regatta, named for one of the founders of RIISA. This regatta showcases the purpose of RIISA by exposing the RIISA name to championship sailors from all over the United States. At the same time, it affords an opportunity for our young sailors to see in action, and meet, sailors aboard some the world's finest boats.
RIISA also provides designated financial accounts for Olympic campaigns - thereby assisting tax deductible fundraising efforts over the long and expensive road to the Olympic games.
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 RIISA was founded in 1973 for the purpose of providing education and training in the technique of racing and designing sailboats for national and international competition and thus improve the caliber of candidates for the representation of the United States in the Olympic, Pan American Games, Americaís Cup Series, or other international racing events.
The corporation has a broad charter, within which its management is qualified to embark on many varied pursuits within the marine field. Thus far the focus of effort had been the encouragement and training of young Rhode Island sailors in their efforts to achieve the highest levels of U.S. and International sailing competitions. 
Funds are needed to assist young people to train for and compete in high level events both in this country and abroad. Sailors and sail training organizations apply to RIISA for grants. Each grant request is on a case-by-case basis. RIISA relies on contributions from private donors for the funds that are awarded as grants.

The Leeds Mitchell RIISA Regatta

The regatta is traditionally held in June.

Please go to www.riisa.org for specific



Past regattas have featured 470ís Finns,

505ís, International Canoes, Lasers, Laser

Radialís, Sunfish, 420ís and Vanguard

15ís on multiple circles.


The Leeds Mitchell RIISA Regatta was

originally part of the Olympic development

process, however over the years it

has evolved into a one-design regatta

encompassing a larger variety of boats.


Steady winds, protected waters, and

expert race management assures that

the competitors will be treated to a

world class event. In addition, the Barrington

Yacht Club has always been our

host, offering logistical support, a welcoming

environment for sailors, volunteers,

and international management




P. O. Box 345

Barrington, Rhode Island



Today, RIISA is a non-profit organization which provides financial support for aspiring sailors either individually or through other sailing programs.  To fulfill this mission, funds are raised through individual and corporate donations.  In addition, the proceeds from The Leeds Mitchell RIISA Regatta also support our mission.

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